The New Android M is coming, knew about it?

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The new the Android M is in rumors. It is not just the code name that is creating hype but also the overall differences from the latest release Android 5.0 Lollipop. It is expected to come in the market with features like Android TV and Android Auto Support at Google I/O that is this month. As per the news covered let us discuss some of the expected features and information related to the Android Mobile.

Speculation about the Android M releasing date:

The Google I/O will be held this month so we could expect the launch of the Android M soon. Last year too, Lollipop version was also announced during the same event. If not, then the release date could be somewhere between October end or November beginning.

What could be “M” in Android M?

Firstly, there is no news whether it will be an Android 6.0 or just a point upgrade like 5.0 or any other. Now, when it comes to the name Android will follow the alphabetic order following Alpha, Beta, Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat and Lollipop. The name could be anything – a milkshake, Milky Way, moon pie or mint. It will be confirmed at the time of the launch of the version. Till then we can only guess the name.

What Could the “M” Features?

We do not know about the changes, but expectations are always high! The industry will look forward to the new Android M new features. Below are some of the points that could be focused by Android makers:

  • Notification Improvement:

It is one thing that can annoy anyone. The endless notification panel reappears repeatedly even if it has seen by the user. Therefore, the rumor is that the notification will be the first feature expected to improve. Android M could have the capability of dismissing the notification automatically once they are seen on the synchronized devices.

  • Security Access & Control:

We being the non-stop Android users are concerned about the security issues. In Android M, we would like to see more security options. For example, recently you will find many app in the Google play store like “Kill Switch” and many more. It is likely to decrease the unauthorized access of the phone data in any way. Further, the control or authority to work with the personal account has to be segregated. It could be like a parental control that keeps monitoring the time limits, content and feature access for the kids.

  • Battery Saving Ability

We have seen how Android has come up with battery saving features in the mobiles. However, with multiple features in the Android versions we are expecting more.

To conclude, we cannot wait to see the Android M support features and software having a high functionality to drive all-in-one applications. Hope this post is useful for students who are doing mobile repairing course or who are eagerly waiting for this version of Android.

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