How to Solve Charger’s Problem in Laptop Repair Course

Issue:  charger cord not giving charge to laptop

Time: 1 to 2 hours

Required Materials: Silicone sealant, painter’s tape, defensive

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When you join any laptop repair course there at first you learn how to repair laptop charger cord. Because a notebook or laptop is a portable and mobile device and travels a lot so needs to be connected or disconnected lots of times in a day, the charger code and connector can get hammered, prompting a frayed force string. In the event that this happens, it’s critical to get another cord or fix it immediately, reason it not just can harm the battery system through discontinuous charging, yet it can likewise be a fire risk. And if it continuously fluctuates then it will harm laptop software also.

Luckily, most power connectors have removable AC cords, which cost a few INR and are accessible at any stores your near about. Then again, if the connector that plugs into the laptop is the issue, it can cost 300 to 750 INR to replace because you need to locate the same AC charger for your notebook from your laptop maker or an online retailer.

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On the other hand you can simply repair it yourself.

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There’s a repair for a frayed cord: Just move electrical or channel tape over the damage part of cable and hope f

or the best. An improved way is to make a more durable repair with silicone sealant, accessible at any shop your area and numerous stores, which will protect and ensure it. It’s best to select dark black or you can choose according to cord color, however clear sealant works generally also.

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To secure the surface you are working at, set out a wide piece of painter’s tape, sticky side down, and place the frayed


zone of the cable on peak of it. The sealant would not stick to the back of the tape the way it may to different obstructions made out of paper or plastic, and the painter’s tape ought to peel right off the table when you’re set.

Next, crush out a gob of sealant onto the part that needs settling. Work the gooey sealant into spot, covering the harm with a liberal covering. On the off chance that you have touchy skin, it’s a smart thought to wear dainty defensive gloves for this part.

A laptop cord as important as laptop because cord you can’t give power to your notebook. So in laptop repairing course you should concentrate when learning cord repairing.


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