Laptop Repair Training: Installation of an OS on Laptops

I am a laptop freak! Since last 5 years, I am providing laptop repair training course to the students in Delhi/NCR. In this blog, I am covering one major aspect that is an installation of an operating system on laptops. You may need this either because of system upgrades or because you have bought a new laptop. I hope from this blog, you will get great help in your task.

 Operating System: Some Important Considerations:

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Before going further in the process, it is important to keep in mind some important consideration about the OS. Carefully see which OS will work best for you? However, also make sure that your current system accommodates it. There are certain system requirements for each type of operating system that I learned in my laptop repair training course. For example, Linux OS do not require much of space as opposed to the window OS installation. Also, do not forget to take a backup of your data in the system if it is the old one.

 Step 1:

The first step is the disc installation into the laptop optical drive for booting. To do so, simply adjust settings in BIOS. Use normal function keys like F2, F12, and Del. etc. Always select the inserted drive as the first boot device. After selecting, the accurate drive just save the setting and the laptop will reboot itself.

Step 2:

In case of Linux system, you can “test drive” the OS but in case of windows this cannot be done. During the installation process, wait for the files & folders to upload properly. Now, enter the product key (For Windows). You can select the type of installation whether custom or normal. In case of a Linux OS, you will have the option of installing Windows. In my laptop repair training, I make sure that students learn about each step otherwise they may select a wrong option.


Step 3:

Now, select the hard drive partition or create a new one as per the requirement. If it is Linux system then make sure that you select the time zone and other options. For window users, just fill out the form/application when the installation gets complete. The next important thing is that do not intervene during the installation process. Wait for some time unless and until the installation is over, because the speed of the system may vary. The system may be rebooting several times. In Laptop repairing training course classes, I always recommend the students to create a separate Window login and password that is easy to remember for you.

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Step 4:

The last step is to install all the programs and drivers. Keep your programs up-to-date. I got my training from the best laptop repair training center Hi-tech in Delhi. Today, I am a successful trainer offering laptop repairing training courses. For blogs that are more helpful, do not forget to comment.


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