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After using our laptop for months or years, we often realize that the laptop has lost its real speed due to aging! Well, it is true, with time laptop processing may slow down. However, thanks to my laptop repairing institute from

where I learned skills for maintaining and upgrading the laptops. Through this blog, I will let you know simple and easy steps that can save your money in laptop servicing. I do not guarantee a professional servicing but by following these points, you can surely get some help.

Virus & Malware Detection and Removal:

Laptop repairing course
Laptop repairing course

The first thing that will happen in laptop service is to detect and remove all the virus and malware. We all know that a virus attack can easily harm our important files, folders, and even the operating system. The laptop engineers do not perform some magic but keep upgrading the features of the antivirus. Only standard antivirus software should be used in the laptop to prevent it from being easily infected. During my training in laptop repairing institute, I came to know about various standard antivirus system out of which I found Kaspersky the best.

A Simple OS Re-install:

With time, you do not have to change every other laptop just because it gets slower over time. A simple reinstallation of operating system can work wonders for you. It an easy step to speed up your laptop without paying money to the service centers. There are separate classes in laptop repairing institutes for making students learn about window installation and de-installation process along with other software. I have resolved several issues like file corruption, bad drivers by just resetting the Windows. The other point that I learned in laptop repairing course was to keep refreshing the Windows by updating it frequently.

Keep Removing The Bloatware:

Do not forget to remove the useless programs from the laptop. These programs not only add the KB size but also make the system slow in processing. Most of time, laptop manufacturer are paid to install a number of bloatware programs in the laptop. Hence, to remove them, simply use Decrapifier that will automatically uninstall it. In my laptop repairing institute training, I was trained to resolve software related laptop issues. You can do this manually but without deleting any of the window drivers.


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