Chip Level Motherboard Fixing in Laptop Repair Course

1) How would you identify the correct component failing?

Burn mark is an easy method to identify of damage component, but imagine if there are no visible marks? Do you know how to use multi-meter? What are the voltage measures to check component working correctly or not. You should learn about this if you are in a laptop repair course or a laptop engineer.

2) Would it be usually a bad capacitor?

Bad capacitor may be the cause of not working motherboard. Faulty connection is one another reason.

3) How would you do component level repair?

Therefore you’ve observed the faulty capacitor or perhaps IC, is it achievable to solder a new one upon without hurting the elements around these component? For that you should know how to use solder? All other aspect of soldering like soldering iron and soldering machine

Solutions of all these questions are here.

Diagnose problem:

This is actually the toughest aspect in laptop repair. Essentially, we calculate voltages upon motherboard and there are few power ranges coming from 1Volt in order to 12Volt on the main board. For instance, North Bridge needs 1.05Volt1.2Volt, 1.5Volt, 1.8Volt, and 2.5V, preferred upon model of North Bridge.

We in addition measure all form of electricity signals, for example CLK, CPURST, PCIRST. We calculate the resistances of each AD chain from n. bridge in order to CPU/RAM.

We observe the current patterns to get rough notion where is the issue.

There are many simple steps that you should keep in mind when you are fixing looking at a Laptop motherboard:

  1. Be sure main system powers are positioned, that is usually 3Volt and 5Volt.
  2. Only two. Switching circuit is working fine, which involves Input Output (I/O)/Keyboard controller, south bridge
  3. Power sequence is fine, in which you can observe current up and down for couple of times.
  4. All the essential signals are not absent.

Regarding faulty capacitor

You can repair the faulty or burn capacitor mast of engineer advice to replace it. And it is the simplest fault to fix not a big deal if the capacitor was burnt or not.

Loose and faulty connection

Generally happen upon VGA (Video Graphics Array) chips, south bridges plus the places all around CPU “the mind of computer”. Tough to troubleshoot and require lot experiences.

The way to repair

You will need specialized resources like tools and equipments of notebook repair. I get DC (Direct Current) power which can easily display current change and set in order to diverse voltage and current solutions. You have to be in really good soldering section, SMD, BGA, and so forth. There need more compared with thousand schematic diagrams, altogether about 9 to 10GB and also you could not necessarily find anywhere in the online.

I have observed the online laptop repair course video media in YOUTUB educate people the way to fix VGA difficulty, and I assume you solely have 30% chance when you follow it.

Laptop Repair Course
Laptop Repair Course

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