Chip Level Laptop Repairing Guide: Laptop becoming hot and shutting down

In this blog, I have covered an issue of the laptop getting hot while processing and then shutting down. I am taking help of my guidebook of chip level laptop repairing course to explain the things. See, there are temperatures sensors present in the laptop. They sense the increasing temperature and as a precaution the laptop turn itself down off avoiding serious damage. Laptop heating or should I say overheating may happen because of the aging factor, poor ventilation, disrupted air supply or internal hardware failure. At times, we do not realize but we work in the direct sunlight that finally leads to overheating of the laptop system. Let us discuss the cause of the problem along with the solution in detail.

Replace the Laptop Fan:

laptop repairing course
Replace the Laptop Fan

Laptop fan work as exhaust fan and expels the hot air. It prevents the laptop from getting too hot and moderates the temperature to avoid any issue. If you do not feel the light air or a mild sound of the fan then it might not be working! Several times laptop fan is broken or the motor do not work well. In this case, it is better to repair the fan or replace the same with the new one. For repairing, you can contact a reputed laptop repair service center. Since, I am trained in chip level laptop repairing course therefore I myself diagnose these issues and repair the same.

Replace the Copper Tubes:

Copper tubes are located in between the CPU & the cooling fan. The tubes are responsible for carrying the heat way from the laptop CPU. It has space for partial vacuum along with a liquid for conducting the heat. The liquid absorb the heat and reaches near the fan in the form of vapors. Due to the fan, the vapors convert into a cool liquid giving out the latent heat and making the system cool again. However, if the tubes are broken then carrying the heat is not possible. This in turn prevents the cooling fan from maintaining the temperature of the laptop. Many laptop technicians having knowledge of chip level laptop training can easily replace the tubes by simply dissembling and assembling the laptop.

chip level laptop repairing institute in Delhi
Replace the Copper Tubes:


Internal & External Air Blockage:

Laptop overheating can happen due to internal and external air blockage. I will let you know in detail about how it happens. Firstly, we will talk about the internal air supply blockage. It happens when dust, hair of your pets, minute particles enter the laptop vents and block the cooling fan from working properly. In this case, clean the laptop internally as told in chip level laptop repairing course. The external air supply blockage happens due to mishandling of the laptop.

chip level laptop repairing course
chip level laptop repairing cours

We often place a laptop on the bed, sofa, pillow, etc., blocking airflow from all sides. Hence, always work on a proper table and avoid working in too hot rooms that may exceed the temperature of the laptop as well. While I was getting training in hitech chip level laptop repairing institute in Delhi, I learned a few simple ways to increase airflow of the laptop:

  1. Shutdown the laptop properly before placing it in the laptop case
  2. Lift your laptop using rubber feet
  3. Place a cooling pad beneath the laptop
  4. Keep away your laptop from direct sunlight

The above tips can help you maintain the airflow of the laptop avoiding the frequent issue of overheating. I learned many things through chip level laptop repairing course right from testing, to repairing and replacing laptop components. I hope my blog has helped you in understanding the causes of your laptop becoming hot and shutting down frequently!


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