Start Your Own Business after Doing Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi

Opportunities to earn money after doing mobile repairing courses are endless! There is no compulsion to pursue a job when you have a business mind. I am writing this because I myself run reputed mobile repairs shop that has changed my life. In this blog, I will let you know my ideas and suggestions so that you can start your own business after completing best mobile repairing course in Delhi.

Set Your Goal:

It is very important to first set your goal and be sure that you will be able to handle an independent business. There should be no confusion or worries considering the result. One thing that I would like to tell you is that mobile repairing is a business that does not require too much investment. Therefore, you do not have to think a lot about how to start earning at the basic level after passing from a mobile repair institute. If you have an expertise, resources will automatically come to you!

Decide the level of the service:

The next thing that you must decide is the level of service that you would like to offer. If you have resources, contacts, and good links with people then you can hire technicians and can offer services at a big level. However, to start the business at the basic level you can offer services for the common mobile faults. I myself started the repair business at a local level by taking help of fault repairing book, which I got after completion of mobile repairing course. In the mobile fault repair solution book, quick tips and steps are provided to the students. I decided the costing of the service according to the market price.

Mobile repairing course in Delhi
Mobile repairing course in Delhi






Use only high-precision Tools:

It is important that you win the trust of the customers and for that you have to deliver quality services. For a good mobile repair service, you should use only high-precision tools, machines or related equipment. I remember using my all-in-one mobile repair tool kit that is used to repair GSM and CDMA phone. I got the toolkit from my mobile repair institute in Delhi. Since, I was trained in advance chip level mobile repairing I started fixing complicated and sensitive mobile troubleshooting myself. However, you are not sure about fixing the same, you can take the faulted mobile to any other center, get it fixed and cut your division.

Aim Higher & Work For It:

To be frank, a mobile repairing course is 100% based on technology and there is no such limit of earning. You can start earning Rs 500 per day for fixing a small fault to Rs.1500 for fixing a big one! A variety of mobile troubleshooting can make you earn a good and extra income. Therefore, it is important that you aim high and work for it. For example, I started my career in my own room and today I am running a complete mobile repair shop. I learned working with the latest operating systems through mobile repairing course and has now achieved expertise in troubleshooting both hardware & software issues.


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